A PRESENT DAY MIRACLE – A helping hand with most human suffering subjects




I was walking in the yard on the 19th of December looking down and out at scenery talking to myself. I do that a lot but this day I was worried about everything. As I turned to walk back to porch I looked up and the sky was so blue and clear. I praised God for this beauty and stopped and lifted my head and prayed the Lord’s Prayer . This reminded me of what’s to come and I said to HIM I know you will not destroy the earth but I know everything has to go before paradise is restored. I walked onto the porch. And stood looking out and on its own accord I leaned over and looked at the sun and there was my MIRACLE. There was a large rectangular shaped prism/rainbow in the most beautiful colors. I REACTED IN PRAISE AND TEARS NOT REALLY REALIZING WHAT I WAS SEEING OR ITS SIGNIFICANCE. The moments passed as I tried to calm myself and figure out how to share this phenomena when the thought came to me that God personally reminded me of the rainbows promise from him that he would never destroy everything again. THAT realization was so hard for me to own because I’m not worthy of direct communication from THE SOVEREIGN ALMIGHTY and only LIVING GOD WHO CREATED EVERYTHING. I was grateful and afraid at the same time. I was wrong in my thinking that we would all be destroyed on the Great DAY but he heard my prayer and resolve to die if necessary and reached out to me with a sight I had never seen before.I have since discovered it is a rare phenomena created by a thin icy cloud. The last occurrence was in 2006 I believe the timing of this was no coincidence and GOD IS WITH US. HE HEARS OUR PRAYERS and will answer them without delay. My desire is for You to reach out to him and develop your own relationship without delay. The time is very near now.

First blog post

Hello to all who find me here. This is my first post and I want to share a very important message with you. YOU are very special to this universe,we all are. I want to help you get back to your purpose. WE ARE ALL HOLDING A PRECIOUS GIFT FROM OUR CREATOR. Most of us have only vague images of what it is we are gifted at I have discovered that those who know and are using their gift to help others are also enduring SUFFERING in their bodies and mind. THIS SITE is dedicated to those who need a helping hand and praise. My readers will share experiences and information that is relevant to every kind of human n to do with it.